Drawing inspiration from the munches held worldwide for various BDSM, fetish, and goth groups, we have created a munch for latex enthusiasts here in Copenhagen. This is bi-monthly meetup, without any dress code, held at a local cafe. Anyone interested in latex, from the curious beginner to the experienced lifestyler, is invited to come meet like-minded people and have their questions answered in a safe, respectful, and welcoming environment.

Our next meetup is: Saturday 24th March 2012, at Cafe Viggo - Værnedamsvej 15, 1819 Frederiksberg C. Starting at 21.00. If you are planning on attending, please send us an email, so we will have an idea of how many to expect. Thank you!

About the organizers:
This meetup group is organized by 3XL and Latex Kitty. 3XL is a Danish latex enthusiast in his thirties, who organized his first latex meetup in 2005 and writes about his passion on his well known blog. His wife Latex Kitty, a German woman in her twenties, has been active in the latex scene since 2004. She makes latex clothing and maintains her own blog about it. They live and work in Copenhagen and are active in both the local and international fetish scenes.


What happens during a meetup?
People sit together at one or more tables and talk about many different subjects - usually this includes discussions about latex, but other topics are also discussed.

Do you have to wear latex?
There is no dress code. If you like, you are always welcome to dress up. We do this ourselves!

What is the gender breakdown?
Typically 40% women and 60% men.

How is the age distribution?
The youngest participant is 18 and oldest participant is 52. The majority are between 25 and 45.

Are there any single girls?
Yes, there are some!

Will there be an opportunity to have sex?
No. Since our meetings take place in a public space, sex is not allowed.

Do we have to give our real names?
No. You can be anonymous.